Best Electric Shaver For Older Man

Best Electric Shaver For Older Man

Keeping your grooming in check is important at any age. Having a fresh look is important and the best way to do this, it’s making sure that you’re always well-groomed. Taking care of yourself is always important in life, no matter at what stage of it you are.

To get started on your grooming and making sure that you keep it always in check, you should have an electric shaver. This is one of the best tools that you can have if you’re serious about looking nice all of the time. We know how important it is to make good impressions, and being well-groomed is a crucial part of that.

Now, when you get older, you have certain challenges that you didn’t use to have before. This means that your hair and skin change to a degree that you need to get a different razor than a man in his 30s would need to get. Now, this isn’t bad news at all. It just means that you should get a razor that will fulfill your needs better.

One of the main changes that happen to your hair is that it becomes thinner and longer. This can be a new challenge since it makes it harder for the razor to shave the hair. Since it’s too thin, certain razor won’t be able to actually cut the follicles. This is why you need one that fits your new profile.

Another thing is that since your hair may get longer, you might have to either trim it before shaving it or getting a special razor. One that can shave long hair better than the regular razor. These are some of the challenges that you must be prepared for.

Anyway, the point is that you should make sure to find a razor that addresses those issues. This is why you can find all these answers below and more. As you will see, there is such a process to find the perfect razor for an older man. You must make sure that it has all the necessary features that your hair change will require.

It should also be adaptable to your skin and your safety. There’s this whole debate about cordless shavers that you should know. Also, depending on your age or the age of the person that you’re buying the electric shave for, you should consider extra safety features.

The point is that buying an electric shaver for an older man is not like buying any shaver. You will have to take into consideration certain aspects of this particular situation even if it is just the hair change. There are a lot of things to know, and you can find them in this article.

For instance, do you choose foil razors or rotary ones? This might be the most important question you will have to answer. So, as you can imagine, you have to know everything. If you read ‘til the end, you’ll know how to choose the best electric shaver for older man.

Features to look for,

  • Foil razor blades
  • Cordless
  • Powerful Battery
  • Wet and dry shaving

Also, you will be able to find the best electric shaver for older man below, if you don’t want the trouble of having to research dozens of models to find the best one. It’s all below, showing the best features that you will definitely need.

It Has To Be Gentle On The Skin

The first thing that you should worry about is how the shaver feels on the skin. An older man has more sensitive skin. Due to less collagen production from your body, your skin will become thinner and with more wrinkles. What this means for you is that you have to be careful with the razors that you use.

So you can have a better picture, an older man has more than triple the chances of cutting themselves while shaving. Now, these numbers do get higher due to your sight not being as good, but it’s also due to collagen production. If your skin is thinner, it will be cut more easily.

Now, the best way to make sure that the electric shaver will be gentle on your skin is to find models that are made of excellent metal. When the blades or razors are made from high-quality metal, they tend to be gentler on the skin. Not only that but you should also look for models that were made specifically for older man.

Obviously, you could also take your chances and test it for yourself. The problem is that you would have to buy many different models to make sure that they are all gentle on your skin. No, you don’t need to do that. There’s a better way to make sure that it is the best electric shaver for older man.

The first step is to make sure that the razors are of high-quality metal. Also, make sure that the shaver has multiple velocity options and that it was designed for shaving long, thin hair. The things that you should worry about the most are your and your skin. If the shaver is able to cut the hair and not damage the skin, it is the shaver that you’re looking for.

When you shave your beard, for instance, your skin becomes dryer and unprotected. This leaves room for all sorts of things like stretch marks, bacterial infection, and a too dry sort of look on your face. So, the best way to prevent this is to use the right electric shaver. There are some additional features that’ll help when it comes to this.

So, the point is that you have to make sure that the shaver will do good to your skin rather than harm. Even if you take collagen pills, nothing will help if you use the wrong shaver. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the shaver will be gentle on your skin.

Make sure that your shaver has high-quality razors, was designed to cause the least damages on the skin, and that it will be able to efficiently shave your hair.

Foil Razors Are The Best Choice For Elderly Man

As you have read above, the older you get, the more sensitive your skin gets. It’s easier to get skin irritation and to cut it as well. The reasons are simple. Your body isn’t producing the same proteins and the collagen as much as it did before when you were younger.

This means that the solution is to get a shaver that will go easier on your skin and still be able to protect it from the irritation that the razors cause. So, this is when the foil razors come into play. These are electric shavers that have razors covered in metal foil.

The metal foil works as a barrier between your skin and the razor blades. This means that they are never in contact with one another. They never touch. This avoids all the possible skin irritations that it could have caused in the first place. This is why foil razors are the best for an older man.

They protect your skin from the razors. So, even though your skin isn’t able to protect itself as much, the razors will not cause as much damage to the tissue as before. So, you won’t have to worry about your skin getting too dry and having to moisturize after shaving.

Also, another tip is to use cologne that is ok on your skin after shaving. I suggest that you read my best cologne for 50 year old man article.

Now, there’s one advantage of using foil razors. They do not cut long hair well. This means that you will have to get another razor for that, or you could trim your hair down first. It’s simple but it will require that you do more work than you would previously consider.

So, you have to make this choice first. Do you need an electric shaver that shaves long hair more than it protects your skin? You probably should go with the one that protects your skin. Having a shaver that damages the superficial layers of your skin, it’s the worst choice on the long-term.

This is why the foil razors are the best for older man. You could still have a shaver with rotary razors, but for other situations. The foil offers better skin protection and will get you well-groomed without having to cause microlesions on your face. This is the worst place to get a rash or any other skin irritation problem.

The point is that the foil razors are the best option to not cause lesions and irritations on your skin. So, make sure that you get a foil razor to protect your skin and make sure that you continue rash free after shaving.

Rotary Razors Are Good If You Want To Shave Long Hair

Now, as said above, there is a particular situation where you’re going to prefer to have a rotary razor shaver. When you have long hair to be shaved, the rotary razor is the best option for electric shavers that you can find. They don’t protect the skin from touching the razor blades, but they not only cut long hair as they also allow you to cut hard-to-reach places.

So, getting started from the beginning, the rotary razors do not have metal foil covering the razors. This means that they touch the skin directly. This obviously also means that your skin doesn’t get the same protection from rashes and irritations as it could if it had metal foil cover.

To make sure that you do understand what this means, when the metal from the razor blade comes in contact with your skin, it shaves off the superficial layers of the skin. This also happens with foil razors but it’s less aggressive than when you use the rotary razors.

This takes off all the natural oils from the skin and makes it drier since the moisture is gone. Dry skin is more likely to have stretch marks, rashes, irritations, and skin problems. Summing it all up, the rotary razors is not ideal for an older skin since it recovers slowly from the shaving process.

Still, the reason you should consider the rotary razors is because they are perfect to shave long hair. Older men are more likely to have long, thin hair than younger men. This means that having an electric shaver that is capable of shaving this sort of hair more easily is a valuable feature to have.

The direct contact from the razor blades with the skin and the fact that they rotate makes it all easier for you to shave long hair. You could do it (shave long hair) twice as fast with rotary razors than you would with foil razors. So, you should consider the rotary razors even though they’re more aggressive on the skin.

Now, you can also make sure that you moisturize and get a really good aftershave lotion. If you do this, you will immediately minimize the effects of using a rotary razor on your skin.

Lastly, you should consider the rotary razors if you want to shave hard-to-reach places. In this case, they are easier for you to use. For instance, if you want to shave certain parts of your back, the rotary razors are better for the job than the foil ones.

Essential Features That You Need

When looking for an electric shaver, you will notice that there are a lot of features that you need and there are many others that are somewhat unnecessary. So, you should focus on knowing which ones you actually need and which ones are completely unnecessary. This is why it’s important to know what the intended use is.

Getting started with how many options of shaving you have, it’s the best idea. Some shavers only offer no more than 3 options. You should also look and see if you have the option of just trimming down the hair instead of having to shave it altogether. This is the best features to get started.

Then, you should look and see if it comes with batteries or if you have to plug it. This is especially important if you want to have more mobility. Another interesting feature is to look if the razors are aggressive on your skin. There are some technologies available that offer extra protection without taking all the oils from the skin off.

The point is that you should pay attention to what features you actually need and what features you don’t. Otherwise, you will end up buying an electric shaver full of features that you don’t really need whatsoever. So, check it out the features that you will need. Again, pay extra attention to your options for shaving and trimming the hair.

One interesting feature that you can look for in the selected model is the smooth trimming. This feature not only allows you to trim the hair rather than shaving it, but it also allows you to do it way more easily than most of the shavers that don’t have this feature.

The rechargeable batteries are another great thing to look for in an electric shaver. If you get an electric shaver with a plug cord, you will not have the same agility to shave your hair. This is not all. Shavers with rechargeable batteries usually last longer. These models have better durability, which makes it a valuable feature.

Finally, you should see if the shaver has an easy-to-wash feature. This is often overlooked but it really helps to keep the maintenance in check. After some time of having the shaver, you will not clean it as much if it’s a hard task to perform.

So, these are useful features that you can look for in the best electric shaver for older man. Other features might be nice to have, but they are often something that you will not use as much.

Top 5 Best Electric Shavers Reviewed

Now that you know how to choose the best electric shaver for older man, it’s time to save you some time and show you the best ones in the market.

We’ve reviewed the best electric shavers that have the features that you’re actually going to need and use. If you don’t want to spend hours online, searching for the right electric shaver only to buy the wrong one, we made a list with the best ones out there. So, here they are.

Braun Series 7 790cc-4

This is by far one of the best electric shavers for an older man or any man for the matter. It comes with exclusive sonic technology that automatically increases the power while shaving in difficult areas or denser hair. This is an important feature for you since you won’t need to adjust the shaver all the time.

Another great feature of the Series 7 is the Active Lift that trims the hair better. In other words, that flat-lying hair that it’s so hard for you to reach is more easily trimmed if you want to. This feature makes it easier for you to shave long hair and the ones that are in areas that the regular shaver won’t be able to reach.

The Series 7 also comes with OptFoil. This is one of those extra features that make it all worth it. One of the hardest thing with an electric shaver is to trim your hair Especially when it’s long. So, this feature allows you to trim the hair to 0.05mm, making as close to the face as possible. It’s a perfect trim.

Now, when it comes to cordless shavers, another thing to look for is the battery. In the case for the Series 7, you get a powerful battery. It also charges really fast. The battery reaches 100% charge under 1 hour. This will give you the mobility and practicability that you are looking for in a cordless shaver model.

If you still want more, the Series 7 has waterproof features. This makes it 100% safe to wash the product. As you know by now, washing your shaver is important to make sure that it will last as long as you are expecting it to. So, having a model like this being easy to wash is an important feature to have.

To complete the package, the Series 7 has synergized foil blades, which are ideal in the best electric shaver for older man. You want foil blades that are going to be gentle on your skin and able to handle long, thin hair that is in hard to reach areas. So, this feature is another important one to pay attention to.

So, as you can see, the Braun Series 7 foil shaver is the best electric shaver for older man. It has all the features that you should want and is ideal for your needs. The skin and hair change that you had will require this level of technology.For this product be sure to check out prices here!

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES8243A

The Panasonic ES8243A electric shaver is a great option for an older man. It has 4 ultra-sharp nanotech blades that perform an incredible precision. You will be able to shave very smoothly and closely to your face, giving you a fresh look right away. The blades respect the facial contour, which makes the whole shaving process a lot faster.

Another great feature of the blade is the ultra-thin foil. This will allow you to give yourself and gentle shave. As explained above, when you shave, the natural oils of your skin go away with the superficial layers of your skin. This makes your skin dryer and thinner in the process. The foil blade makes this less aggressive, which it’s perfect for older men.

Now, when you buy a cordless electric shaver, you want a model that has a powerful battery. After all, what’s the point of having a cordless shaver that the battery dies fast. With this Panasonic model, you get up to 14 shaves per charge. Not only that but it recharges quite fast. It is able to be at 100% under 1 hour.

Still, it has more incredible features like the waterproof one. This makes it not only easier to wash the shaver but it also allows for wet shaving. This means that you can shave in and out of the shower. So, your whole shaving routine is about to get easier for you.

If you are not into technology, you probably want a shaver that can automatically do things for you. This model has a pivoting head that adjusts to the area that you are shaving. This means that you don’t have to change position. Also, it automatically adjusts the power depending on the hair density. All you have to do is to shave the desired area. As you can see, really easy.

The last two important features that you need to know about are the high-performance motor and the battery indicator. The high-performance motor delivers 13000 cuts per minute while keeping a peak level performance. You will be able to shave your face uniformly. The battery indicator lets you know when the battery is about to die out so you can recharge it.

So, as you can see, the Panasonic ES8243A is a great option for an older man. It has an important feature like the foil blades and the fact that is cordless. Not only that but you also get important features that you are actually going to use. Take a peek at these prices here!

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900

The Philips Norelco 8900 is the first electric shaver on the list that has rotary razors. They are more aggressive on the skin, in general, but this model is so incredible that deserves to be here. The reason is simple, each shaving head moves in 8 directions, making it cut 20% more hair. It’s quite gentle on the skin, unlike the regular rotary razors.

The dry and wet shaving is another important feature to mention. This model has a dry shave, which is not as aggressive on the skin as you would think. It shaves efficiently without causing rashes. The wet shave feature allows you to make use of gel or foams for a smoother shaving experience. As you can see, you will be able to shave without hurting the skin.

Another system that makes the whole thing more automatic is the cleaning system. It allows you to clean the shave easily. It also dries and lubricates the razors faster and more efficiently. The whole process is easier, faster, and more importantly, safer. Now, the cleaning system is also designed to make the shaver charge faster. It the feature that makes this shaver really easy to use.

Now, if you are into bear styling, which basically means giving your beard different shavings to create new styles, the click on beard styler is an amazing feature. It offers you with 5 length settings, allowing you to create the style that you want. It’s a perfect feature for those that are into creating a fresher, more modern look for their beards.

It’s also important to mention that this electric shaver has a shaving system that allows it to shave your hair 30% closer to the skin than the average electric shaver. This means that you are going to be able to shave closer and better. You know how annoying it is to have to shave more than once in the same area and still see some hair left. This will all be over with this feature.

This electric shaver works really well with sensitive skin and with long hair. If you notice that your regular shaver isn’t being able to cut all your hair, it may be time to check this one out. It will allow you for a nicer shave without having to compromise on skin care.

So, the Philips Norelco 8900 will check all the boxes for you. Even though it is a rotary electric shaver, you will still be able to not hurt your skin and cut the long, thin hair. For those interested in this great item, check it out here!

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LV95-S

The Panasonic ES-LV95-S is another great electric shaver for an older man. It has 5 ultra-sharp blades that have a 30º precision-honed nanotech design that allows you to have a better shaving experience. You can shave better and faster with those blades. Your beard will bet clean and smoother.

The battery is another attractive feature. It charges in 1 hour and lasts a long time. One of the worst things, when you get a cordless electric shaver, is to have not so good battery life. This is why it’s so important that the battery lasts a good amount of time to allow you to shave a dozen times.

The ultra-thin foil blades are another thing worth mentioning. It follows your facial contours, allowing you for a more efficient shaving. You know how terrible it is to have to shave again because not all hair is gone. This happens all the time when you don’t have a high-quality shaver. This is why the ultra-thin foil blades will be a great addition.

The 2-in-1 feature is also another interesting thing. You can shave and trim with this electric shaver. It is perfect for sideburns and mustaches. If you don’t want to shave it all and still keep something to design yourself a stylish beard, you are going to love this feature.

Alongside the 2-in-1 feature, you have the wet and dry shave. You can pretty much shave in and out of the shower with no problem whatsoever. So you can understand it all better, the shaver is water resistant, so it won’t stop working if you shave while showering.

The high-performance motor and the pivoting head are the final two features that you will be glad to have. The shaver adjusts itself to the contours of your face and the power to shave dense hair. So, you don’t have to control or change anything for the shaver to be able to shave thick hair.

For all these reasons, the Panasonic ES-LV95-S is a great option for older men. You are going to be able to shave thick and thin hair that are in hard to reach areas with no problem. Take a peek at these prices here!

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

Another rotary razor, the Philips Norelco 4500 is a more affordable option, if you are on a budget. It still offers great features that we’ve discussed above, but you won’t have the same precision and number of features available. This does not mean that it isn’t a great shaver for an older man.

The heads have a feature called dual precision. This allows them to cut both short hair and long hair. This is a valuable feature because you won’t have to worry about not being able to shave long hair as you would with a foil razor. The power of this shaver is satisfactory.

You can shave wet, meaning with foam or gel, or you can shave dry if that’s what you like. This allows you the possibility of testing what method your skin reacts better to. As mentioned above, the rotary razors are more aggressive on the skin but shaving with foam may help reduce the damage to the tissue.

Now, you also get a pop-up trimmer that lets you shave sideburns and mustaches more easily. With this feature, you can not only shave your beard but also trim your mustache and sideburns. It’s another quite useful feature if you want to change your style and groom your mustache.

Just remember that with this model, you have to change the shaving head at every 12 months. This is the most important part of the maintenance that you have to pay attention to. If you do this, it will increase the electric shaver’s durability. So, if you keep the shaving head clean and change them at the right time, the shaver will last longer and work better.

So, as you can see, this is a great, affordable model. It works well with short hair and long hair. About the skin aggression, you can minimize it with the foam but this model is not indicated for sensitive skin. So, make sure that you take measure to take care of your skin after you shave. For this product be sure to check out prices here!

Simple, Useful Features Are Better Than Extra Useless Ones

As mentioned above, there are a lot of features that are not as useful. The problem is that it only makes the product more expensive and sometimes not as good performance wise. So, the best that you can do is to make sure to get an electric shaver like the ones above.

They have the useful features that you are actually going to use and need. Not only that but you should make sure that the shaver works well for your intended use. As we have discussed above, rotary razors are great for long hair and hard to reach locations.

So, for instance, if you are going with a rotary razor, make sure that it has the capacity to trim the hair and obviously shave the way you want it. Also makes sure that you have the right hair type that it works the best on. If you do this, you will save a lot of time and money.

Now, when it comes to foil razors, you should use them on sensitive skin or short hair. They are less aggressive on your skin and shave better. They also do a good job with trimming down your hair but certain models aren’t the best when it comes to that.

The point is that sticking to the useful features and ignoring the useless ones is a great idea. The best electric shaver for older man has to be easy to use. An older man is not into learning new, useless technology. So, why get one that will not be that useful after all.

Think about it, why learn a bunch of useless features that you are not going to use. Not only that but older people find it harder to learn those things. So, you will end up wasting money. This is why making sure that the shaver has those features and ignoring the rest is a great idea.

Otherwise, you are only going to make it harder to learn how to use the right features from the electric shaver. The important thing is that it gets the right job done. This is shaving your hair. If your beard and your grooming, in general, is on point, then that is the best electric shaver.

So, as you can see, the best thing that you can do is to look for those features. They are the

  • shaving,
  • trimming,
  • rechargeable batteries,
  • and easy to wash features.

If you do this, you will find the perfect electric shaver for you.

Cordless Razors Give You Mobility

Now, did you know that older man is far more likely to have home accidents than a man under their 30s? Now, this does not mean anything bad. Still, you should be careful with this by paying attention to the things that you have at home. After all, no one to have a dumb home accident.

This is why having a cordless electric shaver is the best idea that you can have for this. The rechargeable batteries are one of the best features that you can look for in an electric shaver. They give you mobility and security that the other shavers can’t. It’s the best option for it.

The plug makes you more static, forcing you to not be far away from the walls. Not only that but you are more likely to have an accident than if you would use the cordless shaver. People usually shave their beard in the bathroom, facing the mirror. We are talking about a humid place with some wet spots. This is what makes it more dangerous.

You are more likely to slip or to stumble on the cord. This has nothing to do with age by the way. This alone shows you that the cordless shavers are safer. Not only that but the rechargeable batteries help the electric shaver last longer. The other models don’t last as much due to the electrical current.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should not, under any circumstance, have an electric shaver with a plug. But the advantages of having a cordless electric shaver are undeniable. They last longer, give you more mobility and are safer overall. So, if you think about it, it’s a no-brainer choice.

The point is that the cordless shaver is the one to go for an older man. If you still want to choose the other option for whatever reason that you might have, they are still a good choice. The only thing is that the cordless shaver is the best one. This doesn’t mean that the other shavers are bad or completely unsafe. It’s just that this one is safer and better in general.

So, if you want more mobility, durability, and safety you probably should go with a cordless electric shaver model. This is how you choose the best electric shaver for older man. You can choose a cordless model from one of the options above of the best shavers. They will give you more mobility, allowing you to shave anywhere you want with more comfort.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the best electric shavers for older man. They have all the necessary features that will make it easier and safer to use the shaver. Not only that but they also will be less aggressive or gentler, whatever you prefer to call it, on your skin. This is important to conserve a nicer look.

Looking fit after shaving is important, I suggest that you read best weight lifting belt for big guys today.

First of all, make your choice of foil razors and rotary razors. Then, make sure that the above features are present. The models above have all the important features that you are going to need. Especially to cut long, thin hair. Make sure to choose one of the five, and you will be good to go.

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