Best Panties For Men Who Want Style

Best Panties For MenFinding panties for men is a hard task. First of all, there are not as many brands and options available as traditional underwear. Then, a lot of people are not comfortable buying those panties unless they can do it discretely, like online shopping.

Once you finally find a place to buy yours, and it’s as discrete as you want it to be, you have to find good options. This means, finding the kind of panties that will be comfortable, last a long time, and make you feel good. Another important note is that you have to make sure that your appendage fits correctly inside the panties. Otherwise, you’ll feel a lot of discomfort throughout your day.

To help you out, and make your decision easier, you’ll be able to learn what to look for in the best panties for men, and what the best panties for men are. Below, you’ll get all the information you need to make the right choice. It’s not that hard but certainly not as easy as it may seem.

You have to take care of the main physical obstacle; your penis. Then, you have to take into consideration your hips, your skin, and your fabric preferences. Knowing how to choose the size that will fit you right, it’s crucial to make the best decisions for you. Consider this,

  • Pouch or no pouch
  • Breathable mesh
  • Elastane
  • Measure according to your hips

So, make sure to consider all those aspects. You can also see a selection of the best panties for men below, if you want to make things easier and go straight to the best ones, you’ll be able to find. Just keep reading and find out.

Pouch or No Pouch In The Front

The first thing that you’ll have to decide about the panties is if you want it with a pouch or not pouch in the front. The pouch is a special compartment that will accommodate your penis. This way, it will not only not stand out, but it will also make it more comfortable for you.

Now, not having a pouch can also be interesting for you. First of all, if you’re not wearing the panties on your day-to-day, you may not care about hiding your shaft. Also, it can be a style choice. The lack of a pouch makes that panties look more like regular panties.

So, choosing the pouch is better for comfortability and being able to hide it better, if that’s what you want. In the end, it’s up to you.

How To Make Sure It Fits Right

The best way to make sure you get the right size for you, it’s all about knowing how to take your measures. First of all, you should know the measurements of your hips and not your waist.

If you measure your waist like when you’re choosing pants, you’ll get it wrong. So, take the measurements of your hips to find out your size.

Once you have that, make sure that your private parts will be able to fit and be comfortable. You have to choose panties that wither come with a pouch or that have enough space for it. You do that by picking a model that was made for men since they have extra space in the front.

So, take the measurements of your hips and make sure you have room in the front. If you do that, the panties will fit you correctly.

The Best Panties For Men Reviewed

Below, you’re going to find our top 5 best panties for men. You can choose between pouch or no pouch. All the models are durable, comfortable, and have style, so pick your favorite.


Aishani Sissy Pouch Panties Men’s

This is the best panties for men, especially for those that want a pouch. This model is made of elastane and with a silky feel on the fabric. This will make it extra comfortable for you to wear it. It will also make it last longer even after many washes.

The pouch is the main attraction here. You will be able to feel more comfortable about your private parts. It hides well without denying that it is there. This is a great model for those that want modern design. It works really well for bedtime wear.

So, you have the quality, the design, and the comfortability. This is why this is a great choice. You can wear it at any moment throughout your day for long periods of time. Take a peek at these prices here!

Sissy Pouch Panties Men’s Thong

Another great choice of panties for men, this is a thong. It also comes with a pouch and great fabric, with a more daring design. The thong is comfortable while still favoring design. You can wear it at any moment of the day, but it’s designed especially for bedtime.

You also have a great color selection to pick more than one for you. The pouch works really well at accommodating your penis. You will not feel the normal discomfort that you get from regular panties. It will allow you to wear it all day.

This is a great underwear option for you. The fabric is great and the panties should last you a long time. You don’t need to worry about quality with this one. For this product be sure to check out prices here!

Inlzdz Men’s Silky Lingerie

The first option on the list without a pouch, this model has a lot of things to offer you. It is made of high-quality fabric with a soft touch feeling that adds a nice touch on the skin. The fabric is also breathable, which makes it perfect for those that are going to wear for hours.

The fact that does not have a pouch may be a problem or a solution. This will depend on your tastes. If you have never worn panties, you should experiment with both. The advantage of not having the pouch is that you may not like the design with it. If you already do like panties with a pouch, you may find it weird that it’s lacking it.

Still, it should not be a problem since this is a great option due to its design and high-quality fabric. Click to view pricing on Amazon here!

Panties Men’s by SISSYPOUCH

This is a quite similar model to the first one, but it’s not a thong. This one covers more skin and will be a matter of taste. This is actually a great addition if you want the first option on the list. You also get a pouch, high-quality fabric, and comfort but with a different design to change things when you want to.

You also can choose from a nice color selection, which it’s a great thing if you like this model since you are going to be able to have more than one. The durability of those panties should be long with the elastane in the fabric composition.

So, if you want high-quality panties for men with a pouch that is not a thong, this model will be perfect for you. For those interested in this great item, check it out here!

ACSUSS Men’s Satin Frilly Thong

The last one on the list is another model without a pouch. This is skirted panties. They are ideal for costumes and crossdressers. They will work really well for you if you enjoy comfort while still wearing something nice.

The fabric and the color selection are great, but the main thing here is the design. It’s not for everyone but it will work for you.

So, if you are looking for high-quality panties that will have a more exotic design, this will be perfect for you. It is comfortable, beautiful, and nice. Check it out the best prices on Amazon here!

The Right Fabric Makes It Comfortable

Choosing the right fabric is one of the most important things that you’re going to do. Nylon, elastane, and silk are the best choices for panties. They fit well on your body, protects the skin, and make your body look better. Cotton can be an interesting second choice, but the other three are usually better.

The best fabric will make you more comfortable while wearing it and help the panties last longer. It may not seem that important, but the right fabric can make the panties 10X better.

So, make sure that the panties have a mixture o nylon and elastance or it’s made of silk. If they’re made of cotton, it’s okay but pick one that also has elastane. It will make them more comfortable and adjust better to your body.

Avoid Chafing With Breathable Mesh

Men sweat more than women on average. All this sweat causes a smell, chafing, and ruins the fabric. So, the best way to make the panties look longer and be sure that you will smell nice, it’s to select breathable mesh.

The truth is that it doesn’t even need to have that famous breathable mesh as long as it’s made of fabric that allows the skin to breathe.

So, make sure that you choose the right fabric so your panties will last longer and make your look nice all the time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a way to make sure that you get the best panties for men. You just to make sure that it has all the qualities listed above. If you want to save time and make sure that you are indeed getting the best panties, choose, at least, one of the 5 options above.

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