The 5 Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans for Men

Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans for Men

Skinny Jeans have been apart of casual fashion for the past 20 or so years, really hitting it off during the punk era of the 2000s. However, even after all this time, the skinny jean has not worn out it’s welcome.

How could it? It’s a great choice of pants for anyone wanting to show off their legs or attract attention to your butt. While skinny jeans have remained relevant for so long, wouldn’t you think that there would be more information on what shoes go with skinny jeans? The truth is that skinny jeans can pair well with just about any type of shoe out there.

The 5 Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans for Men

The only thing you have to think about is how you plan on completing your look. Let us take a look at some of the many shoes that will go with those skinny jeans and complete your outfit, whatever it may be.

1.Vintage Foundry Men’s The Antisana Chelsea Boots

Starting off our list we have a high-quality boot. These sleek boots are meant to be worn when going out on a night on a town or heading out to an outing. The outer material of the boot is made of cow suede and brushed leather, making the boot’s texture nice to touch and pleasing to look at.

The cuff of the boot has handles to help get your foot in, and buckles to ensure that the shoe fits well. The inner material is made up of 100% percent leather, giving it added durability and adds years to the lifespan of the shoes.

The shoe is also held together by an interwoven twine design around the outside of the shoe, this adds style but can lead to issues if not taken care of properly.

The sole is made out of both rubber and leather which make it comfortable and springy, without sacrificing too much of its durability. These shoes are made for narrow feet, and the sizes measure 7.5 to 12 in men.

These boots also have a 1-inch platform, for those interested in gaining a little height. The selection online comes in 3 different colors, brown, gray, and navy blue. While these are not made for exploring the wilderness or strenuous activity, the appeal of these shoes is easy to see. These boots would complete an outfit of casual to semi-formal.

Check out these fashionable boots here

2. La Milano Men’s Slip-On Loafers

Moving into the much more business casual selections, we have these beautiful looking loafers. The outside of the shoe is made out of genuine cow leather, which not only looks fantastic but adds longevity and a high-quality look.

A small metal medallion sits on the top of the shoe, and it shines chrome silver in color. The inside of the shoe is made out of a blend of synthetic materials, that put comfort first. The insole comes with memory foam, ensuring that whatever you may be doing in these shoes you will be doing so in the lap of luxury.

Just be careful as these shoes do not allow for air flow. This lack of breathability can cause some irritation to the skin and be uncomfortable for long periods of time. These loafers come in two different colors, black and brown, making them perfect to go with any number of different outfits.

Since these are slip-on loafers, do not expect to run up mountains or trek through the wilderness. The style and quality of these shoes should be utilized for more graceful settings. While it might not be the best to wear with skinny jeans, these shoes will still look great for a laid back semi-formal or semi-business outfits.

Be sure to check out these nice styled loafers here

3. Mens Sneakers Ultra Lightweight Breathable 

Next on the list is a more athletic choice for a much more casual or sporty look. These sneakers are made out of synthetic fabric that is both lightweight and flexible. The outer mesh allows for airflow to your feet to ensure you can stay cool no matter what you do.

These shoes lace up to ensure a tight fit, and have a very low cuff, making it perfect for light athletic activities such as skateboarding or walking around. The insole is synthetic materials and contains arch support, making it comfortable but sturdy. The sole itself is made out of rubber and has a high level of grip. This sneaker comes in many different colors, ranging from gray to a mixture of blue and red details.

As these shoes are used for a lot more athletic or physically demanding activities check these they will not last incredibly long periods of time as they are not very rugged. With that being said the design is stylish, and can definitely go with casual to skating type outfits.

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4. Adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe

Let’s take a look at these skate shoes that are both stylish and functional. These skate shoes are made out of a synthetic material that boasts high durability and a stylish look. There is hardened synthetic material lining certain parts of the shoe highlighting the brand adding character to different parts of the shoe.

This shoe is low cuff and has a comfortable synthetic inner lining. The outer sole of the shoe is vulcanized rubber, perfect for its ability to that you can grip surface such as a skateboard. The rubber sole is also very comfortable, and can be used for just about any situation casual or moving around.

These shoes might not have great arch support, however, so for those looking out for their arch might need to look elsewhere or use these shoes might be very uncomfortable.

Click here, for more information on these kicking shoes.

5. K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN Fashion Sneaker

Diving into our next shoe, the K-Swiss Classic VN is the irony that is a classic modern design. Whether you’re going to work or a party, this shoe is more than capable of going above and beyond when fulfilling your needs.

The sneaker comes in a variety of different colors from pirate black to pinstripe blue and orange. The main issue I come across when looking for an affordable and good looking pair of sneakers is that a lot of the time they’re a bit uncomfortable.

Sometimes it was the quality of the shoe’s material, and other times it was the architecture of the shoe. But, for these Classic VNs, this is not the case. This shoe is not just higher quality than that of its competition when it comes to comfortability.

Along with having air great circulation, the shoe has wonderful arch support. Maybe you’ve never given it any thought, but sadly, many shoes that aim towards being affordable are often built without any thoughts to your arch support.

Poor arch support may initially sound like a trivial issue, but if overlooked can lead to severe pain and permanent damage to your feet. Additionally, this shoe manages to balance a sleek design all the while being exceedingly comfortable. If you’ve ever worn a pair of kicks that are similar in style, I can assure you, you’ve never experienced this level of quality.

Check out these shoes here,

What Are Skinny Jeans?

What we know today as the “Skinny Jeans”, was something that took a very long time to come about. Instead of being invented all at once, it was the slow eventual evolution that brought upon the skinny jean as we know today. But its history is very long and colorful and stretches back centuries.

Skinny jeans were originally an offshoot from the concept of “tight britches” worn by the English in the 1700s and made fashionable by the ruling class. Louis XIII, the king of France was also known as a wearer of these types of britches. As years passed and the concept of skinny jeans was refined and advanced until in the 1950s the grandfather of the skinny jean was created.

The 1950’s version of a skinny jean was a jean that was tapered at the bottom and fit better on the thighs, but not yet reaching the levels we have today. They were worn by western actors in series like, “The Lone Ranger”, “Billy the Kid”, and “Zoro”.

These prototype skinny jeans were called “Drainpipe Jeans” Country stars and the grandfathers of rock and roll, were also seen wearing these jeans. From the 1950s to the start of the 1960s, there was a boom in selling tight jeans by the largest company of clothing in America at the time, Sears.

This American love for “Drainpipe Jeans” eventually stopped in the later part of the 1960s, and gave way to the fad of bell bottom jeans and flared pants that were synonymous of the “hippie” movement.

The 1980s more and more people adopted these drainpipe jeans, usually being exposed by the many singers and groups during this time period. The people who were the forefront of marketing was the rock and roll scene, stretching from the Rolling Stones to heavy metal.

However, in the 1990s, the decline of the skinny jean occurred, becoming left in the dust for the much more famous boot cut and relaxed jeans. Once again though, a resurgence occurred a decade later, as in the 2000s is when the uprise of the skinny jeans as we know them today begins, with the slim legs meant to be plastered against the skin, and either reaching or ending just above the ankle.

The 2000s actually almost saw the skinny jeans go out of style as it was sold primarily online until 2006. This quickly changed as more and more people gained interest in the internet, and online shopping. Nowadays, almost 13 years later, just about everyone owns a pair of skinny jeans and they have become a huge part of many different cliques and niche’s outfits.

What Are The Differences Between Skinny Jean and Levy Jean?

Skinny jeans have been said to be incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. It is usually used in relaxed settings, and while many men use it for the comfort that comes with skinny jeans, others might find it more than a little grating due to the tightness of the pants. In truth, the reason why skinny jeans tend to be so fashionable is that just like normal “Levy Jeans”, skinny jeans are just as customizable and easily available.

The only difference between levy jeans and skinny jeans, are those skinny jeans a tad more tight around the butt, thighs, and lower back. They also either end before the ankle or right on it, and are oftentimes different colored than normal jeans.

This is much more attractive to the eye, as women or man enjoy seeing if there are anything to take a look at. This added attraction factor is the biggest reason why people tend to gravitate towards these pants instead of other choices.

Why Are Colors Important In An Outfit?

Colors are the most important thing to consider when trying to piece together an outfit. Different colors have been shown to have different psychological effects on those looking at them. Black goes with everything and has a very intimidating or formal feel to it. White also goes with everything and radiates a very pure feeling from it.

Blue tends to have a soothing or professional feel to it. Green is said to invoke a feeling of being close to nature. Red tends to be tied with aggression or passion. Grey tends to be neutral and incite a feeling of relaxation. Brown is said to be peaceful or relaxing to the viewer. Purple tends to be associated with high social standing and confidence.

Yellow is associated with abundance, movement, and happiness. Orange can cause you to be perceived as someone with creativity, and enthusiasm. Psychologists have found that these connotations of colors are partly due to nature, and social reasons.

In the past, colors where much harder to come by and even more difficult to create. Blue and purple were some of the more difficult colors to create and were often worn by the nobles and upper class of Europe to show off their wealth. Nowadays they are not as revered but purple still has the connection to royalty.

Why Do Colors Go Together?

Colors are a very large topic, and how they combine is also very nuanced. Let’s go over a crash course of this information, starting with the primary colors; blue, red and yellow. These colors combined create black, while equal parts of the primary colors create white.

Then we have secondary colors; purple/violet, yellow, green. and orange. These are created by combining the primary colors with one another at different degrees. These include blue-green, blue-violet, red-violet, red-orange, yellow-orange, and yellow-green.

Alright, now that we know these colors let us take a second and think what of those colors go right with one another? The cool colors, such as the shades of blue, purple, and green go great with one another. The hot colors, the shades of red, orange, yellow, also go great with one another. Black, white and grey are neutral colors and can go with any other color. Brown is the combination of a primary color with a secondary color.

If you were to wear a pair of skinny jeans that were brown colored, you would be able to wear grey, black, white, or other cool colored shoes. It might seem crazy to keep all of this in mind all at once, but rest assured you do not have to remember all of this perfectly. Just be sure to take a long look in the mirror from your shoes to your shirt, and make a call of whether or not it clashes. Soon enough it will be like second nature to you!

Why Are Shoes so Important in an Outfit?

Shoes tend to act as the lynchpin for many different outfits. In many ways, the shoes act as another essential article of clothing. For example, imagine you are wearing a blue suit and tie, formal jacket and blue slacks, but end up wearing bright yellow skating sneakers?

Doesn’t fit the outfit right? It breaks the pattern or motif you have made with the other parts of your outfit. Us humans, as a species, enjoy when things are in order and follow a pattern. This is so many things that do not follow a pattern look strange to us, and in keeping an outfit together is completely due to what colors go together and look good in contrast to one another.

As mentioned above you can be able to understand the importance of colors being close to one another on the color wheel will most likely go together.

What Separates a Good Shoe From a Bad One?

For the number of shoes that exist on the market, it might be difficult to distinguish the garbage from the gold. In truth, there are plenty of distinctions between good shoes and bad shoes.

A list I keep in mind whenever looking around for a pair of shoes is that a good shoe is comfortable, good looking, durable, resistant to wear and tear, and capable of lasting for years. If a shoe cannot complete 3 or more of those criteria, it is not worth spending your money on it.

Also, keep in mind that different shoes should fulfill different roles as well, you can’t expect to do a marathon in dress shoes, but you can do so in a boot, sneaker, or athletic shoe. This means that a dress shoe might not last as long as a military grade army boot, nor cost as much.

Bad shoes also tend to be tricky to figure out, and may not be completely evident from a small amount of time using them. So do not write off the off-brand names or different retailers. Do not be swayed by name brand names as completely secure, While there are shoes from huge brand names like Hugo Boss or Adidas, it can be possible that a few of their shoes can come apart at the seams within days!

How to Make Your Shoes Last!

Your shoe is one of the most used articles of clothing you have. When you change out your pants and shirt, they usually get worn once or at the maximum twice in a row, and then they get washed until used again. Shoes?

You cannot walk outside without them, and depending on the number of shoes you have, you might just be using them just about every day. This amount of wear and tear will eventually start to show and will start to negatively affect your shoes and your ability to wear them.

There are a couple of different options to make your shoes last the test of time. One of them is making sure to waterproof them. Many shoes will succumb to rot and decay if water gets into the seams.

Since most shoes are kept out of the way in dark places while still damp, mold and fungus can also take hold. Be sure to waterproof the outside, but be careful of the shoes that have mesh, as they can actually become closed up and lose their ability to stimulate airflow.

Another option is to make sure that you keep up with the soles, and if necessary repair it or add on to it. Soles can be destroyed if enough time passes as the natural amount of wear will make it either rub away it’s traction or create a hole in the bottom of the shoe.

The last option is to alternate shoes, as in making sure not to wear the same shoe every day. This method is the easiest and simplest, by regularly rotating your shoes, or switching pairs from day to day, you can prolong the life of your shoes.

Final Thoughts

Shoes are often the final detail to bring an entire outfit together. A good pair of dress-up shoes will make a suit and tie look professional, but wearing some sneakers might undermine the whole outfit. Since jeans are universally able to be worn with just about anything the combinations of outfits are huge. With luck, you will have found the perfect shoes to match with your skinny jeans and overall outfit using this guide.


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