The 5 Best Soap for Oily Skin for Men

Best Soap for Oily Skin for Men

Men with oily skin have it rough. The oil can cause issues blemishes and can cause long term effects on your skin health. Not only that but that oil sitting on your skin can be perceived as unattractive.

It could even be considered funny to have a face full of oil as it has a tendency to be reflective and can cause your face or forehead to be more reflective than a mirror after a long day. So, while many men succumb to not caring about their oily skin or just plain old laziness. Why not break the mold and start taking better care of yourself?

The topic of soap for personal care has come up a lot more often nowadays than ever before, especially for men. Now it might be difficult to understand the importance of washing one’s face but it can lead to a lot of advantages.

For instance, very oily skin can be subject to a large amount of acne, and can possibly cause infections around already popped pimples. Coupled with the fact that your skin can become irritated if the oil and sweat intermingle, and you have a recipe for your face or body to be irritated and inflamed!

Granted, oily skin is not bad to have, in fact, oily skin is known to look better longer and remain moisturized without cream. Oily skin only when it starts to become the reason behind tons of acne and inflammation.

The 5 Best Soap for Oily Skin for Men

Without further ado, let us begin to look over these choices, and what they have to offer. Keep in mind the things you are looking for and what you are trying to solve, and you will be looking great in no time.

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1. African Raw Black Vegan Liquid Body Wash

The first choice on our list is a very interesting take of the normal body wash, instead of being a brick of soap or specific face wash, we have a black colored, all-purpose exfoliating body wash. Containing a number of different natural ingredients including; almond oil, mint leaves, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil.

The use of vitamin A and E in this body wash are highly appreciated due to their anti-aging, and antioxidant effects on the body. You’ll be feeling ten times less oily with this body wash if the exfoliating powers of the

This soap are also considered “vegan” because there are no artificial chemicals, no gluten, parabens, phthalates, and animals were not used as test subjects. The body wash has a thick consistency, ensuring that the body was will not fall out of your hands or stop from being rubbed into a luffa. You should take a look at this body wash if you find yourself looking for the “best of both worlds” approach.

This liquid solution to your oily skin cannot be overlooked, find out more here.

2. Charcoal Black Soap Bar with Shea Butter

Starting off the first bar of soap on this list we have an all natural shea butter, activated charcoal, and vegan-friendly choice. This bar of soap looks like a sharp piece of black rock, but do not let that image deter you. This soap contains a mixture of essential oils, natural clays, coconut oil, activated charcoal, and shea butter.

Natural clays such as bentonite are well known for their ability to clean out pores, reduce inflammation, and to absorb toxins like heavy metals and chemicals. Activated charcoal has been known to act as a purifier of water and has been used for generations as a way to attract poison from your stomach or help treat colitis.

Coconut oil and shea butter are some of natures greatest moisturizers, both have a profound effect on keeping skin supple and well nourished. Once again this soap bar is vegan-friendly, no animal testing or preservatives such were used in the creation of this soap.

Go against the tide, and check out this “black sheep” of the soap bar family here

3. Naturals 6-Piece Black Soap Bar Collection

Can’t decide on a specific soap? Why not try out these six, to see which one clicks with you. This collection of soap bars are very different from anything else on this list, as every one of the soaps has a unique flair to them. Each soap has a different main ingredient, but all of them are fantastic at cleaning out the pores and collected oil on the skin.

The first soap bar is African Black Soap, which is a combination of several essential oils and vitamins. This soap bar will be perfect to clean out oil and restore the damage from day to day wear and tear. The second soap bar is Deep Sea Mud and Green Clay Soap, made out of the two highly restorative clay and soil deposits and several essential oils.

Clays are said to absorb heavy metals and toxins, while also being great exfoliators to your pores. The third bar of soap is called the Black Coffee Scrub Soap, which is made with several different coffee beans and minerals said to provide aromatherapy and rejuvenate your skin.

The fourth bar is aptly named Charcol Soap, made out of activated charcoal and vitamins A and E. The activated charcoal is known to remove heavy metals, skin oil, and toxins from the pores, while the vitamins A and E are said to remove skin wrinkles and skin blemishes over time. The fifth bar is a black tea and tea tree soap and is very well rated for its pleasing scent.

The ingredients of these different teas are known to cause the effect of soothing skin irritation and being fantastic at rejuvenating the skin. The sixth and final piece of this collection is the “Dead Sea Mud and Salt”. Dead sea mud is said to have antibacterial properties due to the high level of salt found within. The mud also contains high levels of seabed clay which is capable of absorbing toxins from the sea with ease. Salt is also a great exfoliator when it comes to the facial pores.

Try out these soaps and find out which ones you love, but be sure to check out here first!

4. Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar

Looking for a highly rated medically backed, oil eliminating soap? This is the one for you. A part of the Dove soap line, this soap bar is accredited by dermatologists nationwide. This bar of soap uses a formula that is one forth moisturizer, which is strong enough to deal with severe skin dryness without fail. The soap also is also very good at removing oil from the skin without leaving behind a greasy feel. The smell is also very pleasant and is not as overpowering as similar bars on the market.

Take a look at this product here, you won’t regret it.

5. Charcoal, Vodka, and Black Walnut Anti Acne Soap Bar

The final but not the least bar of soap on this list is a very interesting combination of activated charcoal, vodka, and black walnut. While this list of ingredients might be mistaken for a joke, in reality, there is actual evidence to state that this soap bar is very good at removing acne and removing the oil from your skin. The activated charcoal is a favorite by these kinds of sellers, and for good reason, as stated before charcoal is great for cleaning up toxins present on the top of the skin.

Black walnut is an exotic type of ingredient and is collected from the bark of a black walnut tree. This bark when ground up can be used as anti-parasitize medicine and anti-viral that can treat the likes of diphtheria to syphilis. Black walnut is also well known to be an antibacterial and antifungal cure as well. Not only that, this bark has been found in being effective when treating leukemia.

While these modern applications are amazing, the way it benefits this soap bar is that it can also help out acne breakouts by eliminating the bacteria, it also has a profoundly soothing effect on severe irritation to the skin. The addition of vodka is a strange one as well but is actually very beneficial for facial and skin care as the ph level being perfect for killing bacteria and removing built up skin oil.

For one of the most interesting items on this list, be sure to check out this exotic choice!

Why Does Your Skin Get Oily?

Everyone has sebaceous glands under the skin, and throughout the day your body naturally releases an oil. This sebaceous gland is located under every hair follicle, and it’s own throughout the body. The only places on the body that does not have a sebaceous gland are on the palms and soles of your hands and feet.

This secretion of oil can occur up to 7 times a day and becomes more intense the more physical strain you put on your body. These secretions of oil can also become heavier depending on hormone levels.

This oil is meant to moisturize your skin as sweat is evaporated, and waterproof it from foreign substances. Without this oil-secreting, you would need to rely on moisturizers to revitalize your skin constantly. Anything that would require sweat to be used would cause your skin to become cracked and dry, potentially causing you to have issues with your skin tearing and bleeding.

What Are The Drawbacks of Having Oily Skin?

As stated above while oily skin can be useful, the drawbacks tend to be glaringly large. Remember the oil itself is not an issue, but the danger is when your pores around your body become blocked. This can cause the skin that to become inflamed, start to collect bacteria, they create pustules, and they tend to create white and blackheads all over the face.

The pores on your skin can also become inflamed causing you to appear with holes all around your face, which can lead to even more pimples, discoloration, and skin distortions if not too careful. Ingrowns from your beard, pubic hair, and even leg hair can also begin to appear. As these ingrown’s tend to be wherever you might have hair you could find yourself having an abscess, which are collections of trapped pus underneath your skin.

What are Abscesses?

Abscesses are pockets of pus that can form anywhere on the body. Usually, the most highly reported areas are on your back, under-pits, buttocks, genitals, hands, and feet, or neck. These abscesses can be the size of a normal pimple, to the size of baseball or larger.

They tend to form when hair follicles become infected with a bacteria and can be aggravated by various physical reactions such as your sebaceous glands excreting oil.  Thankfully these abscesses are not life-threatening but can be very uncomfortable. Often times abscesses can be “popped” on their own by slowly coaxing a pustule to form, other times it must be done by medical professionals.

What are Cysts?

Cysts are different from abscesses in one way, they are not infected. Instead, cysts form by either a pocket of air being trapped beneath the skin, sebaceous glands or any other type of fluid.

These cysts can appear literally any part of the body, even in your tooth! But do not fear, in terms of danger cysts can be uncomfortable but can either solve themselves naturally or through a quick visit to a doctor. However, cysts can become abscesses if not careful, as the bacteria can cause pus to form and therefore becoming much more annoying to deal with.

What Are The Advantages of Having Oily Skin?

As stated before there are actually some advantages of having oily skin, moisturizing, and waterproofing. The moisturizer is ideally used for the chance to fix up your skin throughout the day.

The places that suffer from this lack of moisturization are your hands and feet, they tend to become cracked and chipped if not properly taken care of. People with oily skin also tend to have a lot less facial deterioration, like crows feet and wrinkles. This effect is most likely due to the constant moisturization that skin oil provides.

Is There Any Way To Prevent Oily Skin?

There are many different ways someone can prevent oily skin, ranging from easy to do to a lot more labor intensive. The most common way to prevent oily skin is to wash the saturated area. This can be done 2-3 times a day with a bar of gentle soap and warm water. Avoid using artificially fragranced soaps, added moisturizers, or strong chemicals as this can cause your skin to dry out or become irritated.

Preventing oily skin can be started by using the best cream to remove pimple marks for men today.

How many Times a Day Should I Wash My Face?

Most dermatologists agree that people with a lot of oil present on their skin should wash their face once to twice a day. This cleaning should also include moisturizing after as well. Depending on your level of irritation and acne you also might want to exfoliate and disinfect areas of your skin.

Pimples should also be popped and have their area applied and anti-inflammatory cream to ensure that the pimple is cured correctly. With men, ingrown hairs are a huge issue. These hairs can not only become infected but also cause further acne eruptions if the hair is never removed. Be sure to have a tweezer on hand for these pesky hairs, and you will always be able to tell if a hair is there, if you check the area of the pimple and ensure that there is not anything dark or black.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you shower, be sure to take night showers as this will remind you to follow this routine and also it will be a perfect moment to clean the rest of your body and ensure no in-grown hairs or oil build-up is present.

What are Blotting Papers?

Anyone who has been a part of the beauty world or a dermatologist is well versed in the idea of blotting paper. The concept of it is that blotting papers absorb the oil found on the skin extremely. So well, in fact, they can actually strip the oil from your skin if you use them too often.

This constant absorption can also cause your skin to react negatively, as the; bacteria, dirt, grime, and dust particles are allowed to pass into your pores. The airless nature of pores will cause bacteria to grow and begin to populate the pore eventually leading to acne and pustules. So while the effects of blotting papers can be useful in the short term, and can remove a large portion of oil, the drawbacks for constant use can become severe and difficult to deal with.

How Should I Take Care of My Skin?

Many people overlook the importance of keeping up with certain diets, vitamins, and the amount of sleep they need on a daily basis. Life can move so quickly sometimes that these basic essentials become an afterthought. In reality, this can cause many issues with your body and can actually cause your skin to react negatively and lead to health issues such as acne, severe dryness, inflammation, and bacteria/viral infections.

Important vitamins such as A, C, and E are the most important. Vitamin A is well known for its antioxidizing effects, ensuring the damage from UV radiation does not lead lasting effects on your DNA and your skin. Vitamin C is the best known as the healing vitamin, it stimulates cellular regeneration.

Without vitamin C your skin would begin to look older faster, it would also take weeks to heal a cut or a bruise. Vitamin E is fantastic at rejuvenating the skin, and also is great at increasing the defenses of your body reducing the chance of infections and acne breakouts.

Sleeping is also a huge factor in ensuring your skin remains in good shape. It has been found that people who sleep less tend to be more prone to sickness, cancer, and mental issues. Your skin is also a reflection of this state of being, as you will find yourself breaking out more often, having pale or waxy complexion and bags under your eyes. These effects can become permanent if lack of sleep occurs, and will continue to cause damage to your skin.

Keeping Skin Looking Young

Men tend to let their appearances go do to not maintain them. Most times men just let their appearances go due to the lack of importance, married men are especially known for this. Other times it is due to a lack of education, but thankfully it is a lot easier for men to search for ways to keep themselves looking good.

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For example, as mentioned before oily skin can be a godsend as your skin will naturally become moisturized over the course of the day, and the wrinkles that tend to appear due to the skin not having enough moisture to retain its youthful appearance. Buying creams for the wrinkles of the forehead is also a good idea, as well as practicing good routines like exfoliating, and disinfecting your face.

Avoid long bath times with hot water, the pores on your body will open up in reaction to the heat and could cause more blockage issues. Strong soaps, that can change the ph of your skin should be avoided or those with strong fragrances. If you ever shave your face, be sure to moisturize after and ensure that you shave very carefully. If you accidentally knick yourself, you could be left with a facial scar that won’t go away easily.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that oily skin is completely normal, and managing it is just another part of life. Being able to clean your face of oil is perfectly fine and honestly, a lot better than just leaving it there to sit and cause issues. Just be sure to keep in mind the importance of keeping your skin looking supple, and well taken care of.

You’ll be thanking yourself 20 years down the line when everyone else has started getting wrinkles and crows feet, and you’re still looking young and fresh. Doesn’t matter your gender or if taking care of yourself seems “too girly”, ignore that stereotype and be sure to put yourself and your needs first.

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