The 5 Best Underwear for Sweaty Men, Manage The Sweat!

The 5 Best Underwear for Sweaty Men

Every man has ended up one way or another uncomfortable sweat down under. Whether it is because the weather is hotter than usual, or if you are physically active most of the day, sweat tends to become an issue. During a long day, this sweat can cause issues with chafing, infections, UTI’s, fungus, and a foul-smelling odor. The reason why your genital area is always sweating that your underwear is probably the sweatiest place on your body.

This is because it is not exposed to the air unless you strip out of your underwear or use the restroom. Another issue that provokes sweat is underwear that is made up of wool or cotton. It would make sense that having high-quality underwear that either cools or dries quickly is a must have.

The 5 Best Underwear for Sweaty Men

For those interested in any worthwhile underwear, look no further! These 5 best underwear for sweaty men are the best picks for anyone in need of a sweat resistant underwear.

1. New Balance Men’s 6″ Boxer Brief Fly Front with Pouch, 3-Pack

Starting off strong with a boxer brief that is comfortable and close fitting. These boxers are made out of polyester and spandex, which are great materials for comfort and tend to lose heat quickly. Due to the stretchability of the material and lack of inseams and lack of tags, you will be hard pressed to find a better choice for preventing chaffing and skin irritations.

These underwear are also woven to have a “quick wick” ability, which allows for sweat to dissipate quickly and heat to disperse as well. This item comes in a pack of three and has a sleek black and silver-grey design, but can be bought in different colors if needed. These underwear are a great choice for any day to day routine.

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2. Feelvery Men’s Mesh Flex-Fit See-Through Line Stretch Boxer Briefs Underwear – 5 Pack

These boxers are known for their functional design choice, which allows for slight transparency and better airflow for your special area. These boxers also boast a blend of 92% percent polyester and 8% spandex, which means that overcollection of heat will not be too much of an issue. This underwear is different from other similar products by means of how the underwear promotes airflow through a mesh that creates slight transparency to occur in the fabric.

The extra airflow can ensure that you will not be dealing with chafing, fungal issues, or a horrid smell. This item comes in a pack of 5, all different shades of cool colors such as blue, black and grey. The functional design and overall care to airflow are great for workout days.

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3. Men’s Quick Dry Travel Underwear Breathable Mesh Boxer Briefs for Outdoor Sports Lightweight Trunks 2 Pack M16

The next choice on our list is perfect for anyone who tends to sweat up a storm under physical activities. This underwear is a 95% nylon and 5% spandex blend. Nylon is often used for its characteristics of being lightweight and breathable, combined with the elasticity of spandex, and you’ve got comfortable underwear for any situation.

This item is made with airflow and comfort in mind, as the underwear is mesh woven and free of inseams and tags. This underwear also ensures that all excess sweat will be wicked away by their design, and will dry quickly.

Not only that but this underwear will remain usable after multiple days of use. You heard that right, this underwear can be used multiple days in a row. Designed with the idea of mountaineering where it might be difficult if not dangerous to change underwear, these boxers will ensure that you will not smell horrible and feel sticky and disgusting. With the built-in anti-odor and long-lasting wearability, this item is a must-have in any sweaty person’s underwear drawer.

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4. Jockey Men’s Underwear Sport Cooling Mesh Performance Brief

Switching the focus from boxers, let us take a look at this particular brief. While boxers are used more often than briefs, usually due to the comfort and space boxers offer. While that might turn you off immediately there are some other things to consider. For example, briefs have built-in remedies for issues that plague the average boxer.

These particular briefs are made to specifically combat the issue of odor and discomfort. Made up of 92% Nylon and 8 % Spandex, these briefs should be able to handle any activity you can imagine.

The inseam is non-existent and while not as roomy as boxers there is no danger of chafing or irritating your skin. The breathable materials are also supported by the interwoven mesh, ensuring that sweat will be wicked away and any excess moisture will easily evaporate.

While the only drawback with briefs is the lack of coverage, this type of underwear might be perfect for you as boxers can cause more sweat as more surface area is covered than that of a brief.

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5. Summer Code Mens Micro Mesh Briefs Comfortable Bulge Pouch Underwear

Reaching the last choice on our list, we have yet another brief to take a look at. This underwear has a different blend than others on this list, coming in at 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex, making them a lot more comfortable than the rest of the options on this list.

The extra Spandex also ensures that your underwear will be form-fitting, and the yet again the Nylon mesh will ensure that moisture is wicked away and the added airflow will make your sweatiness virtually unnoticeable. These briefs also double as a sort of speedo or swimming briefs, if the occasion ever arises.

This underwear is also without an inseam and is made to contour to the body and ensure a much closer and slimmer fit than most of the other briefs on the market. To round off this review, this underwear is a solo bought item but makes up for it for the versatility. Be sure to get this brief if you want to show off your summer body without fear of odor or suffering any health risks.

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What Is The Deal With Sweat? Why Is It Important?

Sweat is one of the most important processes of your body, in fact, it is due to the sweat that you don’t keel over when you do anything out in the sun or do any physically demanding activities for long periods of time. But this blessing can also be a curse for those who want sweat no matter the situation.

While it might be normal to sweat due to disease, as the body uses energy in order to combat the virus, or during an emotionally stressful situation; but excess sweating can bring its own slew of problems. Sweat tends to provoke a foul odor and can create the perfect situation for fungus to take root, this is why it is important to take care of your armpits, hands, nether regions and feet.

Skin irritation also tends to be caused due to constant moisture and/or chafing, which can lead to excessive scratching and discomfort until disinfected. While it is rare, you can actually contract a Urinary Tract Infections due to the amount of sweat and heat that occurs on a daily basis.

Excessive sweating is called “Hyperhidrosis”, and can occur all around the body but is usually focused on the hands, feet, armpits, and nether regions. People afflicted with this type of condition find themselves sweating excessively for no discernable reason, and often sweat cups of water within a couple of hours.

This is dangerous as you can find yourself dehydrated constantly and in a great need of salt and vitamins. There are plenty of reasons why hyperhidrosis can occur in you and can be due to obesity, diabetes, hormones, illness, thyroid issues, and certain medications. Thankfully there is a slew of ways to combat this excessive sweating, such as using aluminum chloride (found in the majority of major deodorant sticks), losing weight, and various medical procedures.

Final Thoughts

Sweating is a part of life, and dealing with it is important to your self-esteem and personal hygiene. Granted sweating can get a little difficult if you can’t find a way to deal with it effectively. For those in stress intensive work environments, it can get more than a little uncomfortable if you start leaking sweat in the middle of a meeting. But for everyday work and play, taking care of yourself to ensure no fungus, chafing, or other issues occur is a top priority.

For men that wish to go the opposite direction to have the comfort of the best panties for men, there are choices that are smoother and silky.

If you use the best soap for oily skin for men , you will also reduce the sweating problems that you may have on your face.

Besides, the ramification of poor self-care can be devastating to your life in a variety of ways. One point is that if there are any problems with your genital area (I.E chafing, UTI’s, or foul odor), you can say goodbye to any intimate contact with your significant other some intimate contact. It also might be difficult to always come up for an excuse to the excessive amount of sweat from a short walk around the park.

Thankfully in our day and age, it is not impossible to help with just about any issue under the sun. In truth sweating is one of the tamer issues, you can deal with.

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