How to Break in Weightlifting Belt

how to break in a weight belt

A weight belt, also known as a lifting belt or a support belt, is a piece of equipment worn around the waist during weightlifting or other heavy lifting activities. Its purpose is to provide support and stability to the lower back and abdominal muscles, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing performance.

Weight belts are typically made of a sturdy, durable material such as leather or nylon. Leather weight belts are commonly preferred for their durability and ability to conform to the shape of the wearer’s body over time, providing a more customized fit.

How to break in weightlifting belt? Weightlifting belt breaking in can be achieved through warming it up, rolling it up, or by wearing it often . These techniques helps to soften the leather, making it comfortable and secure to wear during exercise.

1. Rolling up a Weight Lifting Belt

A leather weightlifting belt can be rolled because it is made from flexible and pliable leather material. Leather is known for its ability to bend and fold without losing its shape or structure. This flexibility allows the belt to be easily rolled up. 

Storing your rolled up a leather weight lifting belt will make it can is roller shape which means is easier to wear. 

Besides rolling it, increasing its temperature will also make a weight lifting belt more pliable.

2. Warming Up the Belt

Warming up a leather weight lift belt to 157 degrees Fahrenheit will make it pliable.  According to a study by Arizona State University in 2018, the dashboard of a car can reach 157 degrees in 60 minutes during a hot summer day.  Leave your leather weight lifting belt in this temperature for at least 2 hours.

You need to wear the belt right afterwards in order for it to keep its shape around your waist as it cools down.

3. Wear it Often

Wearing your leather weight lifting belt will stretch it.  According to a paper published in the Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials in 2019,  leather has a layer that consists of  loosely interwoven fibers that allow for movement and stretching.

Powerlifters Wear Their Weight Belts Quite Often 

Make sure that you wear it often not only to break it in, but also to protect your lower back during heavy squats as a powerlifter.  Also, the width size of a powerlifting belt is important.