How To Fold Mens Underwear For Travel : Learn How to Pack Smart

You’re packing away, checking off your list—making sure you don’t forget anything. Your suitcase is filled to the brim with amenities and you’re wondering What things do I take out to save space? No need to fear, folding your clothes properly or more specifically, folding them for a suitcase can give you all the space you need.

Underwear is small, compact, what space it takes up is negligible so why even bother folding it? There are plenty of reasons, folding your underwear stops it from getting holey, packing it in precise positions means you’ll know where it is before you start worrying you’ve not packed enough, and the most important reason of all: You Save Space in your Suitcase!

There’s similarities between packing mens underwear and womens, but the question can still be asked, How to Fold Mens Underwear for Travel?

You can fold, roll, even shove in your suitcase if all else fails, as long as your underwear gets from point A to B there’s nothing to worry about, folding is just making sure it remains intact not only for the course of your trip, but for the journey home.

How to easily fold mens underwear for travel using the Folding Method

  1. Get out your boxers, briefs, whatever underwear you fancy. 
  2. Fold each side vertically inward.
    • Towards the crotch area to be more precise.
  3. Fold the waistband a third of the way down towards the crotch area.
  4. Tuck the lower bottom half of your briefs inside the waistband.
    • If you’ve followed all steps correctly, you should have a compact brief bundle.

The Folding Method’s outcome will look similar to some prepackaged underwear you’ve bought. Like a bento box; square, compact and takes up little to no room, perfect for travel. 

Now there are other methods, depending on space or your fancy. The next one up is the Rolling Method

  1. Same as step one in the Folding Routine, get out those boxers, briefs, or whatever you’re wearing that resembles underwear.
  2. Roll the waistband inside-out halfway over the top of your boxers to create a pocket.
  3. Fold each side inward vertically toward the mid-section (crotch area), similarly to the Folding Method. 
  4. From the side opposite of the waistband, roll towards the center (crotch area) until you’ve reached the folded-over waistband.
    • From there, tuck the roll into the waistband pocket. 
  5. After all is said and done, you should have a similarly looking bundle, though this time will be smoother and more compact than the last!

The Rolling Method’s outcome will look similar to a thick hotdog, even more compact that the opposing method, and will certainly take up less space.

Why fold your underwear though, shoving it in is perfectly fine as well, right? Kind of. The problem with shoving your underwear and other garments in your suitcase willy-nilly will be more noticeable the fuller your suitcase becomes. You don’t want to travel with one less piece of underwear than you planned on because you couldn’t fold them properly.

Utilize all your storage capacity, if you have zipped off areas on the outside of your luggage (suitcase, backpack, etc.) Utilize it! Underwear is one of the few articles of clothing that even if it gets wrinkly it’s still all the merrier to use! No one will see it, and due to the elasticity of your underwear, the wrinkles can be buffed out with some simple wear and tear.

Not a literal wear and tear, but a breaking in of the boxers or briefs. You’ll thank yourself in the long run, and always know it’s better to overpack and have extra clothes (especially underwear) than it is to not have enough!

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