Should Guys Wear Underwear to Sleep?

It’s that time of night—whether you’re alone or not, the question pops into your head: Do I go commando, or do I keep them on? Some nights it’s different, you’re maybe even too tired to take most of your clothes off, but if, and when you do, is it okay to take your underwear off as you sleep?

Single guys and those in relationships have more in common than you’d think, one of those being that they both sleep naked more than they’d like to admit. Whether with their spouse or alone, the underwear is off—in the washer, on the floor, anywhere but on them, and that’s perfectly fine.

Should guys wear underwear to sleep? Guys should wear underwear to sleep. Lightweight cotton boxers are the best choice for a comfortable and restful sleep. Excessive tightness in underwear can affect your sleep, so it’s best to go for breathable fabric. Additionally, it provides you with privacy if you’re uncomfortable sleeping without clothing. Make sure you choose the right size and fabric to get the best sleep.

Shockingly there’s a study on this topic, not based on the added health benefits of sleeping with or without underwear, but the question of if the tension of having underwear on produced any complications for men who are attempting to procreate. A man who wore underwear or a man who wore nothing at all had the same results: It did not matter.

Naked or not, it’s just what makes you comfortable. Though there are health benefits to sleeping commando, as opposed to sleeping clothed (at least down there).

If you are from a more humid area, south of the equator—or resting on it. Sleeping naked is a great way to stop extra bacterial growth in your nether regions. Sleeping commando gives that area room to breathe as well as if you’ve recently manscaped those regions, any small cuts or abrasions won’t have the dampness to fester into something more inflamed.

Always wear the right size underwear. If your undies are leaving marks across your pelvic region and beyond, it may be time to invest into more new, soothing pairs. While studies have shown that the contents of your DNA (semen) are not to be affected, it’s best to give yourself that peace of mind and go commando if your underwear is bunching where your britches would be.

Now if you’re still on the fence and would rather be safe than sorry, toss off the underwear before you go to bed, or at least don’t wear those tight fitting ones you’ve had on the whole day. Give your private areas room to breathe, switch into that oversized pair that you may have accidentally purchased, or one’s that may be more loose fitting.

If your goal is to keep your sperm count high and you are slightly superstitious (of science and your own reproductivity), don’t wear underwear to bed, it’s up to you, take control of your life even if it means going commando in your private chambers.

If your sleeping schedule has always been a deterrent to going to bed at a healthy time, a small factor such as your underwear could be a cause for concern. Try sleeping commando if you can, or sleep with underwear if you’re usually sleeping commando. Switching up a routine can have many health benefits to you in the long run, no matter how small.

Though no one with absolute certainty can say that wearing or not wearing underwear to bed is good or bad, personal preference was and always should be key in situations like these. If you’re after a good night’s sleep, do all you can to achieve it. If you’re wanting to try something new, take those undies off or put them back on, you may find yourself in the process of developing a new habit.

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