Should you Wear Underwear Under Swimming Trunks : Find Out!

A day at the community pool, those vicious ideas that maybe you’re not fit enough to rip the shirt off and grace everyone around you with your figure—or maybe you’re more acclimated to a swim team. Co-ed or not, the biggest question flying through your head besides the conscientious approach to your own body is this: Should you Wear Underwear Under Swimming Trunks?

Though the answer may seem obvious; Swim trunks are designed for being underwater, most types of underwear are not. So don’t wear them right? The answer is an Unshockingly, no, you probably shouldn’t wear underwear beneath your swim trunks, but why?

Swim trunks, as mentioned, are designed with being wet in mind. Their material make up was made to not only withstand the abrasive water, but also the chemicals that plague most pools (chlorine).

Most swim trunks have special lining that keep the goods in check but also allow the breathability that underwear denies and dampens.

If you’re worried about the possibility of see-through underwear (we all feel that), stay away from bright colored trunks, pink, yellow, bright orange. These colors, while aesthetically pleasing, can definitely cast a bright spot on the areas best left unseen in a public setting.

Even a pair of underwear may not be there to save the day. Unless you’re wearing black trunks and black underwear, your undies can shine through whatever pair of trunks you’re wearing. Of course you can color guide and match (red on red, white on white) but still the extra fabric can be an eyesore, especially if you wear the type of underwear that bunches up.

If your swimsuit does not have the proper lining, their insides barren, then that’s the time to wear underwear. Though be warned, wear underwear that you’re okay with the possibility of them being ruined. Chlorine has a nasty habit of affecting clothes not made to be exposed to it, even if they’re worn underneath.

Saltwater, chlorine, and other chemicals damage the lining of your underwear. They’ll be left sopping wet and in most cases, you’ll have to hang them up to dry before you can even put them in the washer. Doing more laundry is fine for most people but having to commit a single load to a single piece of laundry is a great way to run up the water (and energy) bill.

If you’re not planning to get in a pool or jump off the pier into the seaside, wearing underwear under your swim trunks is fine, doable—and most certainly recommended. Some trunks have looser lining that are designed specifically for getting wet, and leaving them dry can allow the tendrils and pant-holes to glide against the wind, revealing more than anyone would like to show.

As we’ve mentioned exceptions to the rule, do remember this is all personal preference (though backed up) and you can always use your best judgment to assess the situation. If your one to chafe more common than your peers, wear those underwear, especially if you plan to be in the water for hours on end, your legs will thank you. 

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