Where Should a Lifting Belt Sit: Learn Where to Properly Position It

A weight lifting belt is a supportive piece of equipment specifically designed to provide stability and reduce the risk of injury while performing heavy weightlifting exercises. It is typically made of a thick, sturdy material such as leather or nylon and is worn around the waist.

It is crucial to emphasize that simply wearing a weight lifting belt is not enough to ensure safety and maximize its benefits. Correct positioning of the belt plays a key role in achieving the desired outcomes. Here are some essential points to consider

Exactly where should a lifting belt sit?  A weightlifting belt should sit just above your ilium, which is the large part of the hip bone.  The center of the width of the belt will then be located at the level of the navel.  

Where Should a Weightlifting Belt Touch the Ribs?

A weightlifting belt should touch just the bottom of the rib cage.  The distance is on average 3.5 cm (1.378 inches) above the hip bone.  This distance was derived from a paper published in the American Journal of Medicine by Robert Warshawski in 2003. 

The belt should fit snugly against your body without being too tight or constricting. It should also be positioned close enough to your body that it doesn’t slip down when you move. You should also take care not to over-tighten the belt as this can affect your breathing and reduce its effectiveness.

Why Does Your Ability to Breath Correctly Diminish When Wearing the Belt too High? 

Wearing your weight belt too high will interfere with ribcage expansion.  Ribcage expansion refers to the outward movement and enlargement of the ribcage during inhalation. When we breathe in, the muscles between the ribs, known as the intercostal muscles, contract, causing the ribcage to expand. This expansion creates more space in the chest cavity, allowing the lungs to fill with air. 

The tightness of the weight belt is just as important as its position to allow full expansion of the ribcage during squats.

I recommend that you purchase the MalePicks.com weight lifting belt.  Ensure that you measure your waist correctly so you breathing will not be compromised during your workout. 

How Tight Should You Have the Weight Belt Once it is in the Correct Position?

Once the weight belt is in the right position, tighten the belt just enough so that you are able to breathe in and out easily.