Why do some Shorts have Built in Underwear? – Here’s Why!

why do running shorts have built in underwear

One feature that often goes unnoticed in some short is built-in underwear – but why do some shorts have them? In this article I’ll be exploring the benefits and drawbacks of having underwear built into your shorts so you can make the best choice for your next purchase.

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Why do some shorts have built in underwear? Some running shorts have built-in underwear to keep athletes cool and comfortable while exercising. The lightweight and breathable fabric quickly absorbs sweat from the legs to keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

When looking at shorts with integrated underwear, there are many factors to consider. Is it comfortable? How does it look? Does it provide enough coverage? All these questions will be answered as I dive deeper into what makes these types of shorts unique and how they might work for different body types.

So, let’s get started!

To Wick Away the Sweat and Moisture in Your Crotch

Many people might say that built in underwear isn’t necessary – after all, why invest in built-in underwear when you can wear your other underwear for free? But when it comes to shorts with integrated undergarments, the benefits are undeniable.

Not only do they help wick away any sweat and moisture in your crotch area, but they keep things cool as well.

At its most basic level, these types of shorts have a layer of moisture-wicking fabric between you and the outer shell of the garment. This material helps draw perspiration away from the body so it can evaporate faster instead of sticking around and making you uncomfortable or worse, giving off an unpleasant odor.

Plus, because this type of fabric is lightweight and breathable, it won’t add too much extra heat on top of what’s already there.

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In addition to being more comfortable than regular shorts without built-in undergarment options, having them can also save you money by eliminating the need for separate pairs of underwear. Built-in underwear breathes better keeping your cooler longer, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them very often either.

With these features combined into one package, it’s no wonder that many athletes prefer wearing shorts with integrated undergarments over traditional ones!

Built In Underwear Breathes Better Keeping You Cooler

I wear running shorts with built in underwear all the time, and I can attest to their effectiveness. The liners are incredibly breathable and allow air to circulate around my skin while I’m running, which keeps me feeling cool as opposed to wearing traditional long shorts that don’t have any kind of ventilation.

This feature alone is enough for me to always reach for a pair of shorts with built-in underwear when heading out on a run.

It’s this snugness that helps wick away sweat from your skin before it causes friction between different parts of your body during physical activity.

Overall, built-in underwear adds an extra layer of comfort and protection when you’re hitting the trails or roadways for a good workout session. Without them, one would be left feeling hot and sticky after just a few minutes of breaking into a sprint – not ideal conditions at all!

And now let’s move onto how having underwear that are built in prevents chafing while running…

Underwear That Are Built in Prevent Chafing While Running

Running is a great way to stay fit and healthy. But it can also be uncomfortable if you’re not wearing the right gear. That’s why some shorts have built-in underwear – they provide extra protection against chafing while running, so all that’s left is pure enjoyment!

Like an onion of comfort, lined gym shorts are made with multiple layers of fabric for maximum security and support. Firstly, there’s the outer layer which consists of water-resistant material to keep your legs dry during wet weather runs.

Secondly, comes a soft inner lining that adds warmth in cold climates or provides gentle cushioning when jogging on hard surfaces.

Lastly, there’s the integrated underwear that sits closest to your skin — providing a snug yet breathable barrier between thighs and clothing for superior comfort and support.

Plus, these shorts come with elasticated waistbands for optimal movement and adjustable drawstrings for customizable fit – ensuring every run is as comfortable as possible without having to worry about adjusting clothes mid-run!

By providing added protection and flexibility, built-in undies make running more enjoyable than ever before – allowing athletes from all walks of life to get out there and reach their fitness goals without any unnecessary distractions.

Built-In Undies Provide Support for Men

I often find myself in a situation where I need to wear shorts, but I don’t want my underwear to show. That’s why it’s so great that there are now shorts with built-in panties!

These shorts have special fabric and seams designed to make sure the panties stay put and out of sight, while also providing extra support for men. The material used on these special shorts is usually stretchy enough to move with you without bunching up or riding up your legs.

The snugness of the built-in underwear will keep your manhood from moving side to side which can cause pain due to the swaying of the testicles.

This means that you can go about your day feeling comfortable and secure knowing that your undergarments won’t be showing when they’re not supposed too. Plus since the panties are already attached, all you need to do is slip into the shorts and you’re good to go!

The best part is that this added security doesn’t come at the cost of comfort; these types of shorts are just as soft and lightweight as regular ones. With an added bonus: The shorts with built-in underwear will not ride up easily!

The Shorts with Built in Underwear Will Not Ride Up Easily

Shorts with built-in underwear provide an added layer of support for men. Not only do they reduce the layers that you’re wearing when running long distances, but they also don’t ride up easily. This makes them a great option for athletes and other active people who don’t want to worry about adjusting their shorts while on the move.

The extra coverage of built-in undies helps keep everything in place without being restrictive.

These types of shorts are perfect for those looking for comfort and convenience during physical activities. Because they come as one piece, there’s no need to worry about finding matching pieces or dealing with separate items bunching up or shifting around during movement.

And because the material is designed specifically for athletics, it offers enough stretch and breathability to make sure you stay comfortable throughout any activity – whether it’s a run, hike, yoga session, or anything else outdoorsy!

Built In Underwear Reduce the Layers That You Are Wearing When Running Long Distances

I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out why some shorts come with built-in underwear. It seems so obvious now! But I guess when you’re running around in shorts without any additional layers on, the thought doesn’t really occur to you.

Well, let me tell ya – having those extra pair of ‘undies’ tucked away inside your shorts is a real game changer!

The benefits are amazing: no more chafing or bunching up; fewer layers means better breathability and cooling; plus, you get that added support for all your active adventures.

All these advantages make wearing regular underwear seem like a thing of the past. And if you think about it, having that little bit of cushion between your skin and sweatpants makes everything much more comfortable.

So don’t be shy about snagging yourself a pair of performance shorts with integrated undergarments – they’ll help keep you cool during even your most intense workouts. Plus, getting rid of another layer not only keeps you fresher but also gives you some extra freedom to move!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Replace My Shorts with Built in Underwear?

Replacing a pair of shorts with built-in underwear should depend on how often you wear them.

If you’re wearing them several times a week, then it’s best to replace them after about six months.

On the other hand, if you only wear your shorts occasionally and take good care of them, they can last up to 12 months or longer before needing replacement.

However, regardless of how often you use them, it’s always important to inspect the fabric for any signs of fading or tears so that you know when it’s time to invest in a new pair.

Is There a Difference in Comfort Between Built in Underwear and Regular Underwear?

Yes, there is most definitely a difference in comfort between built-in underwear and regular underwear.

While the convenience of having your underwear already attached to your shorts can’t be denied, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting an extra comfortable ride.

Built-in undies tend to hug more tightly than traditional ones—like a boa constrictor squeezing its prey!

So if maximum comfort is your top priority, leave those shorts with built-in panties at store shelves!

Do Shorts with Built in Underwear Offer Any Additional Protection Against The Sun?

Shorts with built in underwear do not offer an extra layer of protection against the sun.

However, the side of the short portion is usually larger which provide a bit more coverage than regular shorts, and the protective material used in some types of built-in underwear can also help to block out some UV rays.

Additionally, many brands that produce these kinds of shorts have developed special fabrics designed specifically for better protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

So, if you’re looking for added protection against the sun, then considering shorts with integrated underwear may be worth it.

Are Shorts with Built in Underwear Suitable to Wear in Hot Climates?

If you’re looking for the perfect clothing item to wear in hot climates, shorts with built-in underwear are a must! Not only do they offer extra protection from the sun that regular shorts don’t have, but they also keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

With their breathable fabric and lightweight construction, these shorts will make it seem like you’re barely wearing anything at all – no matter how scorching the temperature gets! Plus, you won’t have to worry about any annoying chafing or uncomfortable bunching up of your traditional underwear either.

So, if you want to feel super breezy even on those hot days, be sure to invest in some shorts with built-in underwear for optimal comfort.

How Durable Are Shorts with Built in Underwear?

Shorts with built in underwear are quite durable. They’re typically made from thicker, more sturdy fabrics than regular shorts, so they’ll last longer and stand up to repeated wear and washings.

The fabric also tends to hold its shape better over time, meaning you won’t have to worry about them stretching out or becoming misshapen.

Additionally, the seams on these types of shorts tend to be stitched more tightly, making them less prone to tearing or coming apart at the seams.

With proper care and maintenance, a pair of shorts with built-in underwear can easily last for a year.


Shorts with built in underwear can be a terrific addition to your wardrobe. Not only are they comfortable, but they also offer sun protection and durability for those hot days outside. Plus, you don’t have to worry about replacing them as often since the fabric is so strong.

I recently went on vacation to an amusement park in the summer heat and it was a lifesaver wearing my shorts with built-in underwear! The temperature reached over 100 degrees Fahrenheit but thanks to these shorts, I stayed cool and comfortable all day long.

Clearly this type of garment provides superior protection against sweat and moisture, making it ideal for any activity or climate where comfort counts.

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